Control and Monitor

your Production

in Real Time

Control and Monitor

your Production

in Real Time

NoMADA Telemetrics

Visualize all your processes in real time

Connect to the NOTE® platform on the web and synchronize your processes

Do not worry about the hardware and get information

Visualize all your processes in real time

Monitor your company remotely

Failures? NOTE® sends a warning message if it detects a problem

"The Internet provides the right information, at the right time, for the right purpose"

-Bill Gates

Why note?

NoTe arise as a tool that fuses hardware and software that incorporates the IoT (Internet of Things) to the industry, generating a productive process always connected, providing detailed information in real time for monitoring as well as the control of machinery from any mobile device with Internet in the world, leading to improve efficiency and productivity as well as reduce costs.

Some applications in the industry

Note Offers

Improve your production processes and join the industrial revolution 4.0


Interconnect all the elements of the productive chain and control them in a centralized way


We adapt to each manufacturing process

Plug and Play

Technology that allows fast connection without the need to configure


Increase productivity in the first months of use


The dynamic keys as well as the aspect of authenticity guarantee that your data is always safe


Simultaneous connectivity for more than 41,000 users

The Fastest Installation in the Market

  • Installation in less than a month

  • Quick, effective and personalized for what your company needs

  • Secure without stopping your production during installation

  • Made by experts in engineering and telemetry

  • Security first

  • All information is encrypted from its origin to its destination

  • Your credentials and keys are protected under different protection protocols

  • All your data is stored in different servers to avoid loss of information in case of a technical problem

  • Real-time protection against different types of attacks

  • Arm your plan

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